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September 7, 2011: The Life and Career of Scott Cranford

Heroic Ambition Scott Cranford, best known to most Superman fans as the previous official town Superman for Metropolis, Illinois, was the subject of an article published earlier this week in the Glendale and Burbank newspapers that are included with the LA Times. Here is an excerpt from the article...

    He's treasured the many opportunities he's enjoyed along his mission. Each year that he played the Man of Steel in Metropolis, he teamed up with the West Chicago Police Department to speak on crime prevention during that city's National Night Out. The United States Army recruited him to visit troops' children in Germany and Italy, and on three separate tours in 2005 and 2006, Cranford read his book of morals to children whose parents who were then serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    In 2007, Cranford filmed a documentary titled "Heroic Ambition" on his superhero experience. Narrated by Superman historian Chuck Hartar, it has received positive feedback from industry blogs and websites. "I always wanted to make a film or a documentary about my experience there," he said.

Read the complete story at BurbankLeader.com.

"Heroic Ambition" make its Los Angeles premier at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 8 at the Library Connection at Adams Square, 1100 E. Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale. Call (818) 548-3833.

Scott will also be a studio guest today (September 7) on the world famous KROQ at 9:10am.

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