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May 11, 2011: Brandon Routh to Attend Superman Celebration

Superman Returns Brandon Routh, the star of "Superman Returns", was today announced as the major special guest to attend the 2011 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.

    Superman co-chairman Karla Ogle explained Routh had expressed interest in being a part of the Metropolis celebration but was unsure if his current filming schedule would allow him to make the trip. "Once we learned he could indeed travel in early June, we began finalizing the details to add him to our line-up," Ogle said. "We are so excited that he will be here in Metropolis!"

Routh will join fellow "Superman Returns" star Sam Huntington (who also co-stars with Routh in their new film "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"), along with Alaina Huffman (Dinah Lance/Black Canary - Smallville), Mark Pillow (Nuclear Man - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace) and Tracey Roberts Lewis (Darla - Superboy).

Read the full report at the Metropolis Planet website.

The Superman Celebration, which will be held across June 9-12. Visit SupermanCelebration.net for further details.

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