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February 7, 2011: Man Dies After Comic Book Collection Stolen

BuffaloNews.com reports on the story of Homer Marciniak, a 77 year old retired janitor who was attacked during a robbery in his home, in which the thieves stole his collection of comic books, some dating back to the 1930s.

    Homer Marciniak, 77, a retired bank janitor, lived alone. The man never married and had no children, but he did have plenty of friends.

    And he had his pride and joy - a large collection of classic old comic books featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash and other superheroes. Some of the books, which Marciniak carefully cataloged and sealed up in plastic wrap, dated as far back as the 1930s.

    But criminals found out about Marciniak's comic book collection, and in the predawn hours of July 5, they arrived at his home to steal it. Police believe at least two or three bandits cut the telephone lines and broke into Marciniak's home.

    When the elderly man awoke and surprised them, one of the thieves punched him repeatedly and knocked him to the floor.

    Marciniak suffered bruises and cuts in the robbery. He was treated for those injuries in Medina Memorial Hospital and was released.

    But several hours after his release, he experienced severe chest pains in his home and died of a heart attack.

Marciniak's comic book collection was valued at around $40,000.

Read the complete report at BuffaloNews.com.

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