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March 8, 2011: Rich Superman Content in Google News Archives

1959 Newspaper I did a search through the Google News Archives today and came across a wealth of old Superman newspaper articles, some dating as far back as 1959.

Some examples include coverage of the death of George Reeves by the Pittsburgh Press from June 16, 1959 with the headline "Television's 'Superman' Ends Life With Pistol" and another from The Evening Independent on June 26, 1959 that reads "Bullet Holes Stir Mystery of 'Superman'".

There are articles from 1975 on the plight of Superman's co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. One from The Calgary Herald on December 10, 1975 that reads "Almost Destitute Superman creators offered $15,000 annual pension", and another from The Montreal Gazette titled "Superman creators win Warner pension" from December 26, 1975.

"Superman: The Movie" star Christopher Reeve is the subject of a couple of newspaper articles from 1978. The Lewiston Evening Journal had a StarWatch article on "Christopher Reeve: the new Superman" published on 13 December, 1978, while The Telegraph published an article on December 16, 1978 titled "Christopher Reeve In 'Superman'".

Interestingly, The Pittsburgh Press Drama Editor Ed Blank published a scathing, negative review of "Superman: The Movie" on December 15, 1978 titled "'Superman' Squanders Stars, Special Effecrs And Millions". Here's an excerpt from the review...

    In "Superman," the expensive action scenes seem to be shoehorned in periodically, with crime fighting and rescues force fed into a story that can't be bothered creating a texture for its incongruous moods.

    Helped neither by script nor stars nor music, "Superman" lamely takes its place among Hollywood's whitest elephants.

It'd be interesting to see where Ed Blank is today and whether he still holds the same opinion all these years later.

Thanks to Chris P. Bacon for the lead on this info.

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