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April 11, 2011: Jamie Reigle Talks Siegel & Shuster Society

Superman Homepage member Jamie Reigle spoke with WorldofSuperheroes.com about his 33 years collecting Superman merchandise and his involvement with the Siegel & Shuster Society.

    Cleveland is known as the "Birthplace of Superman", can you tell us a little more about that?

    Superman was created here in Cleveland by 2 high school kids with a dream. So it is only right to honor the title of 'Birthplace of Superman'.

    Can you tell us about the Siegel and Shuster Society?

    The Siegel & Shuster Scoiety was formed by a group of fans, collectors, writers and the families of Superman's Creators a few years ago. We are a 501c3 Non Profit Oragnaization dedicated to promoting Superman and his Birthplace and creators.

Read the complete interview at WorldofSuperheroes.com.

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