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March 10, 2011: Superman Old Time Radio Interview

Superman on Radio Jimbo's OTR Buffet interviewed our own James Lantz about the 1940s Superman Radio Series. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    OTR Buffet: I have really enjoyed the series. So far (I am only about 75% finished) my favorites have been The Super Sleuth and all of The Atom Man stories. What are your favorites?

    James Lantz: The whole "Scarlet Widow/Atom Man" story arc is one of the best of the entire series. "Superman Versus Kryptonite", "The Mystery Of The Stolen Costume" and The Voice Of Doom" are also among my favorites. I wish the Scarlet Widow would have been brought into the comic books somehow. She was my favorite villain in the show.

Visit Jimbo's Old Time Radio Buffet blog to read the entire interview.

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