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July 25, 2011: Superheroes v Supervillains A-Z

Superheroes v Supervillains A-Z "Superheroes v Supervillains A-Z" by Sarah Oliver is due to be released on August 1st.

    Get ready for the ultimate battle of goodies versus baddies in this comprehensive guide to the world of Superheroes and Villains. A must-have for comic book fans and film buffs everywhere!

    A is for Angel. Warren Kenneth Worthington III is a comic book anti-hero in the Marvel Comics universe. Originally known as Angel and later Archangel, Worthington is one of the founding members of the X-Men.

    B if for Batman. Created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger he is comic book superhero. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics in 1939, and since then has appeared in many of DC Comics publications. Originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "the Batman", he is additionally known as "The Caped Crusader", "The Dark Knight", "The Darknight Detective", and "The World's Greatest Detective".

    C is for Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau is a superheroine in the Marvel Comics universe. Initially known as Captain Marvel, the character became a member of the Avengers and served for a time as their leader. She later used the codenames Photon and Pulsar after another Captain Marvel surfaced.

    This is a reversible book featuring everything you'll ever need to know about Superheroes and Villains.

Look for a Giveaway Contest at the Superman Homepage in the week ahead, giving you the chance to win a copy of "Superheroes v Supervillains A-Z".

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