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December 19, 2005: A Leap for “Smallville” Ratings in Season 5

The "Calendar Live" section of the LA Times features a lead article on the successful move to Thursday night for "Smallville". Here's part of what the article says...

    The shift of 'Smallville' to Thursday nights has turned out to be a boon for the network, lifting the show's ratings 28% in an otherwise dismal season.

    When the creators of "Smallville" heard that the WB Network was planning to move their series at the start of this season, they regarded the new time slot much like Superman would a barrel of kryptonite.

    "Any time you move a show, it's always dangerous," writer-producer Al Gough said over lunch in Burbank recently. Gough and his longtime creative partner, Miles Millar, co-created the drama, a free-wheeling prequel to the Superman comic series that envisions Clark Kent as a small-town youth with a busy social life and some eye-popping abilities that couldn't be addressed in your typical gifted-student program.

    The producers already had had a bad experience with a schedule switch. Ratings for "Smallville" sank after a previous regime at the WB pushed the series from Tuesday to Wednesday, which a still-simmering Millar dismissed as "the dumbest move."

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