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May 24, 2005: “The Adventures of Superman” DVD Box Art?

TVShowsonDVD.com have posted an image of what they believe will be the box cover artwork for the up-coming release of Season 1 of "The Adventures of Superman" 1950s TV series.

It was originally thought that the "The Adventures of Superman: Season 1" DVD set would be released at the same time as the Season 1 set of "Lois & Clark" (which is June 7th), but it appears that some unknown clearance issues are holding it up. TVShowsonDVD.com report...

    However, we do have some "news" about the title, thanks to Warner Home Video, which was distributing to retailers some pictures of the various point-of-sale promotion materials that would be made available for sellers to use to promote the L&C and WW-S3 releases. It looks like they accidentally slipped in a concept shot of a cardboard standing display for these superhero DVD releases, and the shot still showed the 1950s Superman in the mix. WB still hasn't announced the title, and we don't know at this time when they will, but at least we now have our very first look at what direction the box art is taking for the release.

We'll bring you more news about this DVD release as soon as we know more.

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