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July 25, 2005: Al Gough on New Characters for “Smallville” Season 5

Warning! Spoilers!

In an interview with SCI FI Wire, executive producer Al Gough said that he and the other writers had been wanting to introduce the character for a while, and always had James Marsters in mind for the role. "We always thought he was fantastic in Buffy and then in Angel, and he just felt like he'd be a good fit for this character," he said. "He was always sort of the first guy we wanted, and we met with him and told him the arc for what we wanted for Milton Fine as Brainiac."

Brainiac will be introduced as a college professor who tries to turn Clark against humanity, according to Gough. "He's a wonderful actor beyond being Spike, so I think he'll bring all of that to the role," he said. "We've talked about it, and what's nice is, he's going to be one of Clark's college professors. ... It's more of the grand seduction of Clark Kent rather than someone coming in and them throwing each other around. And I think James is really up for the challenge."

Read more from this interview at the Sci Fi Wire website.

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