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JLU: Saving the World DVD

January 7, 2005: Justice League Unlimited “Saving the World” on DVD

TVShowsonDVD.com are reporting that a new "Justice League" DVD is on the way in February.

Following the events of "Starcrossed", the 3-part episode that ended the 2nd season of Justice League, the series took a new turn and was renamed Justice League Unlimited. New heroes were recruited to take the place of departing friends and changed circumstances, and the "Unlimited" part referred to the idea that different sub-teams of heroes would come together in each story to face the crisis which threatened that week.

Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Captain Atom pass the "Initiation" (that's the title of the 3rd season opener) when Justice League Unlimited - Saving The World becomes the sixth volume released in this series on February 15, 2005. List price is US$14.97, but Warner is encouraging stores to discount this title to as low as US$9.95!

We don't have the exact list of episodes or other specs for this release just yet, but we did get ahold of an early list of extras:

  • Includes first-time-ever bonus webisodes from the popular "Cartoon Monsoon" series
  • "Watchtower Database": Martian Manhunter's private Justice League superhero files
  • "Launching The League": A behind-the-scenes look at the new members and the new satellite headquarters
  • "Save Gorilla City": Challenging Game Activity

Stay tuned for more details coming in the near future.

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