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May 18, 2005: Noel Neill in Gazette Article

The Colorado Springs Gazette has published an article about Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane). Here's an excerpt from the article...

    For nearly 60 years, Noel Neill's life has been linked to that of a famed strange visitor from another planet with powers far beyond that of mortal men - Superman.

    Neill starred as Lois Lane in two big-screen Superman serials in the late 1940s and repeated the role in the "Adventures of Superman" TV series of the 1950s. Since then, Superman and Lois have never been far from her heart. This summer, she'll film a scene for the upcoming movie "Superman Returns."

    Neill, subject of a biography, "Truth, Justice & The American Way: The Life and Times of Noel Neill, The Original Lois Lane," will appear at a book signing Saturday in Cañon City. The 84-yearold Neill and her biographer, Larry Thomas Ward, also will be at Sunday's MajestiCon convention in Denver.

Read the complete article at the Gazette website.

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