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September 20, 2005: Justice League Unlimited - New Episodes

Cartoon Network has made available the following descriptions for up-coming new episodes of "Justice League Unlimited".

The following two half-hour episodes will air in the U.S. on Saturday September 24th starting at 10pm:

  • "Chaos at the Earth's Core"
    Supergirl, Stargirl and Green Lantern go to Skartaris, the fantastic, hidden world at the Earth's core, to help free it from the rule of a brutal dictator. (Originally titled "Heart of Stone")

  • "To Another Shore"
    Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000-year-old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, the Viking Prince. (Originally titled "Elegy")

Supergirl's new look

Thanks to Anthony Arfuso (AKA ANIMEAvenger) for the Supergirl animation.

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