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Sam Jones III

February 28, 2005: Sam Jones Not Returning to “Smallville”

Sam Jones III, who played Pete Ross in the first three seasons of The WB's Smallville, told Comics Continuum there are not, nor have there been, any plans for his character to return.

    Appearing at MegaCon in Orlando, Fla. on Sunday, Jones said he has been bombarded with requests about the return of Pete.

    "Whether it's been here at the show, or in the streets or at the mall, people keep coming up to me and want to know when I'm coming back," Jones said. "And I'm not. These girls started crying when they found out. It's crazy."

    There were various reports that Jones would be in a Smallville episode focusing on the prom, but he did told The Continuum he has not been asked to appear in any shows.

    Jones said he is interested in appearing in the fifth season of Smallville. "I definitely want to come back; they're great people," he said. "And if not, I'll keep doing movies."

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