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October 27, 2005: More on the Future of “Smallville” from Al Gough

TV Guide Online have published more interview questions with Al Gough in which he reveals some interesting information about the future of "Smallville"...

Q: What about those Disciples of Zod from the season premiere? Will they be back?

A: We can expect an encore performance from those Kryptonian thugs who Clark sent into an extradimensional prison (one that seemed a lot like the Phantom Zone of Superman II). "I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say that you haven't seen the last of them and Brainiac is a key to that."

Q: Lastly, there have been rumors on the Internet that this is your last season. Is that true?

A: "No, it's not the last season," Gough says adamantly. So how did that nasty rumor get started? Blame Canada. "The Canadian broadcaster of the show read something online, failed to call Warner Bros., which sells them the show, and put it on their marketing campaign," Gough says. "They have since sent me a formal letter of apology." Whew crisis averted. Gough assures us that Smallville will be "on for at least six [more seasons] and hopefully seven."

NOTE: I think TV Guide made an error when inserting the "[more seasons]" words to Al Gough's sentence. Al personally told me that he anticipated "Smallville" to run for six or seven seasons as a whole, not 11 or 12 as seems to be indicated by TV Guide's additional words.

Read the complete interview at the TV Guide Online website.

In other "Smallville" news, a second video clip is online, this time thanks to IGN FilmForce, showing a scene from tonight's episode "Thirst". This one involves Lana. Check it out!

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