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March 30, 2005: Warner Gives More Info on Superman DVD Releases

The Home Theater Forum recently held a live online chat with several executives at Warner Home Video, in which fans got to ask the WHV people about various DVD releases. Here's some of the Superman related information to come out of the chat...

  • "Lois & Clark" Season 1 DVD collection (to be released in June) will contain special features including new Teri Hatcher interviews; expect more Lois & Clark DVDs to follow in 2006.

  • "Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season" will be released this Fall (September/October).

  • Fans can look forward to lots more DC Comics related releases in the future.

  • Warner Home Video are considering a "Superboy" (live action TV series) release to DVD.

  • Fans did ask about the Ruby Spears "Superman" cartoons from the 1980s, but no information was available from the WHV people on this title.

    Check the Digital Bits website for the full transcript in the next day or two.

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