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Smallville Magazine #5

January 19, 2005: Smallville #5 on Sale Now!

In this month's Smallville Magazine, on sale NOW, there's an exclusive interview with Michael Rosenbaum, in which we hear about Lex's dark developments! Kyle Gallner tells about superspeeding as the future Flash, and Margot Kidder reveals what it's like to be back in the Superman lore as Dr. Swann's emissary, Bridgette Crosby. Plus, Miles Millar reflects on his directorial debut on season three's Memoria, and we investigate Smallville founder Ezra Small and the mysterious Kawatche caves!

The Torch
We are to see a lot more of Lois Lane in Smallville this year - Erica Durance revealed that she will be in nearly all of the post-Christmas season four episodes! There's a new online game on the WB - "Kryptonite Sweeper": by clearing the field without uncovering red or green kryptonite, you can preview a scene from that week's Smallville episode! Plus, watch out for some spoilers of 2005's Smallville!

Dances in the Dark
Season three gave us the first glimpse of the Lex Luthor that we all know from Superman's future: mad, power hungry, and very definitely threatening to know! Michael Rosenbaum reveals his excitement at Lex's move towards the dark side, his contribution to the development of his character, his troubled relationship with his father Lionel, and Rosenbaum tells us what he's been doing away from Smallville, including his new films Wes Craven's Cursed and Racing Stripes.

Blink and You'll Miss Him!
In last month's issue we heard Tom Welling enthuse about his co-star in season four episode Run, this month we meet the subject of his enthusiasm: teen actor Kyle Gallner, who portrayed Bart Allen a.k.a. the future Flash. Gallner explains how appearing in Smallville has convinced him that acting is what he wants to pursue, how his superspeeding was created, the impact that Clark had on his character and Bart's influence on Clark.

From Lois to Bridgette
Margot Kidder, well known to Superman fans around the world for playing Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve's Man of Steel, has followed her late co-star to Smallville, as Dr. Virgil Swann's emissary, Bridgette Crosby. Kidder reflects on Smallville's interpretation of the Superman lore, its development of subtlety, and her initial confusion about black kryptonite and her character's motives! Plus, she remembers her time filming the Superman movies.

Cave Secrets
It's become clear that the caves beneath Miller's Bend are seminal to the secrets of Clark's (and now Lana's) past, and in this month's Smallville Magazine they take a look themselves! Kawatche Indians, raves, hieroglyphs and tattoos are all explored.

Directorial Debutante
In season three, Smallville co-creator and executive producer Miles Millar added the title of director to his accomplishments, with his directorial debut on the darkly dramatic Memoria. Millar tells us about the process of creating the episode from writing, to casting, shooting, and the final edit.

Founding Father
Smallville Magazine uncovers the story behind the founding of Smallville by Ezra Small and his prophetic visions, which have caused such tremendous interest amongst Smallville and Superman fans online.

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