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Chris Reeve as Dr Swann

February 23, 2005: NY Times on Christopher Reeve's “Smallville” Farewell

The New York Times has published an article on the death of Dr Virgil Swann, Christopher Reeve's character, on the WB TV show "Smallville". Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Christopher Reeve, who became famous for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the "Superman" films and died Oct. 10, has two lines on tonight's "Smallville." Both bits of dialogue, delivered in voiceover, were culled from Mr. Reeve's previous appearances on the WB show, which chronicles the adventures of a teenage Clark Kent (played by Tom Welling). On two episodes of "Smallville" - one in its second season, one last year in its third - Mr. Reeve played Dr. Virgil Swann, a billionaire scientist who mentors Clark. At the beginning of tonight's program, Clark will learn Swann has died.

    Mr. Reeve's presence on "Smallville" is among the many tributes, references and in-jokes that Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, its creators and executive producers, have made to the Superman mythology since the show's debut in fall 2001. "We always wanted to have Christopher Reeve on the series," Mr. Gough said in a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles. "We knew at some point there needed to be a character who helped Clark fill in the blanks from a storytelling perspective." Mr. Reeve's Swann filled that role, telling Clark that the young man's real name was Kal-El, that the planet he came from was called Krypton and that he was sent to Earth to fulfill a special destiny.

The article also re-publishes quotes from the Margot Kidder interview conducted by the Superman Homepage in reference to her decision not to return as Bridgette Crosby, Dr Swann's emissary, with the following statement from executive producer Al Gough...

    "We're sorry she chose not to come back," he said. "We certainly don't think what we were asking her to do was exploitative. Christopher Reeve was a big part of the mythology of 'Smallville.'"

    He also said the show would continue to incorporate actors, characters and references from Superman's past: "It gives a historical link to the show."

    "We'd love to have Teri Hatcher, but I don't think that will ever happen," he added, referring to the actress who played Lois Lane on the series "Lois and Clark" and is now on "Desperate Housewives," the most popular new show of the year. "I think that ship has sailed."

Read the entire article at the NY Times website.

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