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Jane Seymour

February 7, 2005: Jane Seymour Talks Genevieve on “Smallville”

TV Guide Online have posted an interview with Jane Seymour, asking her (amongst other things) about her role as Genevieve Teague on "Smallville". Here's what Jane had to say...

    Q: You have a five-episode deal, right?

    A: They're trying to fit me in to do seven, but it's really a question of my schedule and theirs, if we can make it happen.

    Q: And what should we expect from Genevieve this time around?

    A: Well, I clearly know a great deal about Lana Lang's tattoo. And I'm pretty manipulative. I currently seem to be manipulating both Lex and Lionel's lives, not to mention my son's and Lana's. I think they're all playing psychological chess with me. But even I don't know how it all ends. What I do know is that I know a lot more than many people, and I'm trying to barter this information for power plays. I'm not a very good person.

You can read more from this interview at the TV Guide Online website.

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