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June 20, 2005: Smallville Season 3 DVD Hidden Feature

Some of you may already know about this, but while we await the release of "Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season" on DVD (September 13th), I thought I'd report on an interesting hidden feature in the Season 3 DVDs that fan Barry Jowers brought to our attention...

On disk 5 of the "Smallville: The Complete Third Season" DVD collection, select "Special Features" from the Main Menu. Click on the little right arrow to access the second page of the Special Features and then highlight the menu entry called "Producing Smallville". Now press the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control and a Superman 'S' shield will appear. Now press the 'Enter' key and you'll see a previously hidden interview conducted by Michael Rosenbaum.

Meanwhile, while on the subject of "Smallville", the Jules Verne Festival website has uploaded a Quicktime movie file showing highlights from the "Smallville Night" held in Paris on April 7th.

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