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August 27, 2005: Smallville Season 5 Information

The WB have posted the following information on their official "Smallville" website regarding the up-coming 5th season...

    Now beginning its fifth season on The WB, this new interpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series. This is the season that changes everything. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) finally begins to accept his destiny and takes giants leaps towards becoming the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile, KryptonSite has posted a scan of a photo from the InsideTV magazine, showing Clark and Chloe in the Fortress of Solitude.

At the Canadian National Comic Book Expo, James Marsters spoke about his role in the 5th season of "Smallville". Here are some excerpts from the report up at ComicsContinuum...

    "The thing I really love about this role, is that I have a very clear objective," Marsters said. "I know my objective from the very beginning and it's going to carry me through the whole season.

    "That was the problem with Spike. In all honesty, that character had no objective 90 percent of the time. (laughs). I would have to make it up. (In Spike accent) 'I've come in to kill Xander again, but I've changed my mind.'

    "To find your objective is like a gas pedal for acting. And if you can find that objective and play it honestly, it's like 'Wham!' And if you can't find it, you're mired. I'm really happy about an objective the audience suspects and the other characters don't know. It's the hidden agenda of a zealot -- and it's really interesting."

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