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May 24, 2005: New “Justice League Unlimited” Episode: The Balance

A new episode of "Justice League Unlimited" airs in the U.S. this Saturday (May 28th) on Cartoon Network. Titled "The Balance" this new episode is scheduled to air at 9.00pm.

"The Balance" finds Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl forced to set aside their differences as they travel to Tartarus, where Felix Faust (freed from his mirror prison) has overthrown Lord Hades.

Directed by Dan Riba. Story by Stan Berkowitz. Teleplay by Dwayne McDuffie.

Guest voices include include Robert England as Felix Faust, Bob Joles as Hades, Juliet Landau as Tala, Jason Bateman as Hermes, Susan Sullivan and Hippolyta, Wayne Knight as Abnegazar and Michael T. Weiss as Jason Blood.

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