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November 8, 2005: James Marsters Talks About Brainiac

AOL Television has posted an interview with James Marsters about his role as Brainiac on the TV show "Smallville". Here's part of the interview...

    Q: You had a slow roll-out for your character. What was that like?

    A: They always do that. It's easier for me because there's not much to film. (Laughs) I filmed four episodes so far and I have six left. I can't say much about what is coming up, but I can say that I will be transformed.

    Q: So, do you love playing Brainiac?

    A: Yes, I really do. I love pretending to love. It's great playing a robot that is pretending to care. Even when you are playing a villain, you can play him much better if you can show his love.

    Q: Were you a comic book reader when you were young?

    A: Totally. I was a big comic book fan.

    Q: So when they approached you about this role, you were familiar with Brainiac?

    A: Yeah totally, but I said, "I'm not going to be green and wear a pink jumpsuit." He is a robot with a maniacal smile, which always freaked me out. That is not a normal robot.

    Q: Did you have to do much research for the part?

    A: Not much, because in the comic books the back story on Brainiac is only a few panels.

    Q: What makes Brainiac tick? What makes him who he is?

    A: He gets what he wants -- complete intention. He has a plan to get rid of all humans who are destroying this beautiful planet. It has gone beyond pest control. They are ruining the atmosphere and the topsoil.

Read the entire interview at the AOL TV website.

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