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January 23, 2005: Smallville - Season 4, Episode 11 - “Unsafe”

The WB has made available the following description for the 11th episode of Season 4 of "Smallville". Titled "Unsafe", this episode is due to air in the U.S. on Wednesday January 26th at 8pm. Here's the official description from the WB...

    "Claiming to be cured, Alicia (guest star Sarah Carter) is released from Belle Reve hospital and comes to Smallville to rekindle her relationship with Clark (Tom Welling). Initially skeptical of Alicia, Clark finds himself enjoying a relationship with someone who knows his secret, but when she pushes for more he hesitiates, causing her to use red kryptonite on him. 'Bad Clark' emerges and whisks Alicia off to get married in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) decides to have sex with Jason (Jensen Ackles) in order to win him back."

    Greg Beeman directed the episode, which was written by Jeph Loeb and Steven DeKnight.

The WB have also made available a video trailer and 6 images for this episode:

Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe
Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe

Meanwhile, TV Guide Online has listed the following description for this same episode:

    A teen (Sarah Carter) with teleportation abilities who was obsessed with Clark is released from Belle Reve asylum and tracks him down. Though apparently reformed, she manipulates Clark's feelings for her using red kryptonite. Meanwhile, Lionel tries to convince Lex that he's a changed man; and Lana confronts Jason about the breakup.

NOTE: Los Angeles fans will have to wait an extra 24 hours to see this episode. The WB affiliate in LA, KTLA has schedule to show a basketball game on Wednesday at 8pm, pushing "Smallville" over to Thursday night for this week. LA fans will see "Unsafe" on Thursday, January 27th at 8pm on the WB. In the rest of the country "Unsafe" will air January 26th as planned.

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