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Erica Durance

May 4, 2005: “Smallville” Lois and Chloe Interviews

Erica Durance is featured in another WB "Random Rant" video interview. This time around she talks about the legendary love that may or may not unfold for her character Lois and Clark Kent.

Meanwhile, AllisonMackOnline.com has posted a 2 part interview with the actress who plays Chloe Sullivan on "Smallville". Here's part of what Allison had to say...

    Q: So, do you think that Chloe knows everything now or do you think that she's kind of getting all of the details?

    A: There's this episode called Blank where Clark loses his memory completely and Chloe is the one that finds him, and so she spends the episode following him around covering for him. During that episode she discovers his ability to shoot fire from his eyes and his x-ray vision and she kind of figures out all of his extra powers in that episode.

    Q: That's got to be fun!

    A: It's a really great episode - where she spends the whole time just covering for him, covering for him, covering for him. He sees Lana for the first time and he gets the heat vision and that whole thing. So it's a really great episode. She finds out the majority of his powers then, but she doesn't know that he's an alien.

    Q: So she thinks he's the ultimate meteor freak?

    A: Yeah, she thinks he's just been really affected by the meteor shower. And in the season finale she witnesses something else that sort of makes her think, "Oh my god maybe it's not just about the meteor shower, maybe its something else."

    Q: Now that Lois has arrived into the series, what do you think about Chloe vs. Lois?

    A: I don't like to pit them up against each other, because I don't think that there is any competition between the two of them. I think that Lois really softens Chloe because the majority of the situations we've seen Chloe in, she's been the most aggressive, the sort-of most mature, the most intelligent out of the people that she's been around, whereas with Lois she's grown up with Lois - she's grown up sort of like Lois' little sister kind of like, tagging along being, sort of, under her. So any time Lois is around Chloe steps out of the power position and Lois takes over. You can see a really interesting side of Chloe just because she's never really pushed control to someone as much as she does to Lois and sort of taken the back seat to the power position as much as she does to Lois. So it introduces a really great dynamic to my character because it shows a specific side to her that you haven't seen before.

Read the whole 2 part interview at the AllisonMackOnline.com website.

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