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November 16, 2005: Another DC Superhero Headed for “Smallville”? I Wonder...


TV Guide's "Ask Ausiello" has revealed that another DC Comics Superhero may be showing up on the TV show "Smallville"...

    Now, regarding Smallville, a friend of a friend's former girlfriend's second cousin once removed is going in to test for the role of "Maya, an Avenging Angel." She'll be introduced in Episode 13 and is described as being "in her early twenties, drop-dead gorgeous and has similar powers as Clark - and she's Latina!" Sounds like Wonder Woman to me.

Other than the fact that Wonder Woman's name is Diana, not Maya, and that she's better described as a Greek goddess, not Latina, could this be Smallville's answer to Wonder Woman? Guess we'll have to wait for episode 13.

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