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March 23, 2005: Kristin Kreuk Talks About “Smallville”

Hollywood North Report caught up with Kristin Kreuk and asked about her time on "Smallville" and what the future holds for her as an actor. Here's part of that interview...

    Q: Has there ever been a moment in Smallville, where you were searching for the essence of a line or a scene, and you found yourself thinking back to some moment in acting class where you'd been given a great piece of advice by an early acting teacher?

    A: Wow, what a great question! I think really through season one in general - and this is going to perhaps seem like a vague answer - I was struggling a lot with the character of Lana because I couldn't relate to her fully, and I would think back to my acting classes that I took all through high school where we had free reign over characters. We took those characters and created them by ourselves, and we made them into full people by writing up epic studies of their traits and giving them histories and so forth. With Lana I felt a little stuck because I was following what was on the page, and I remember discussing this with Allison [Mack] who has helped me a lot. And she said to me, "Well it's up to you to shape these characters. You can't wait for someone else to do that for you. Then, the writers will follow your lead." Which I didn't understand at all [laughs]. So that's a big lesson that I learned...and continue to learn in a lot of ways.

    But again, it's precisely what I did with every single character I ever played throughout high school, and ironically, I stopped doing it when I started playing Lana.

    Q: So it came as a bit of a revelation to you that you could actually employ lessons learned in your earliest days of acting?

    A: Yeah, it took me a while to sort through the process.

    Q: Do you have any desire to leave Vancouver when Smallville is finished and pursue acting in Los Angeles?

    A: Um, I don't know. I think we've still got at least a couple of years left on Smallville; at least one more year after this one. I'm still somewhat uncertain and I'm still living day to day. It also depends on what opportunities come my way and if I fully decide on something else I want to do. [Laughs] I really have no idea.

Click here to read the complete interview at HNR.

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