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January 27, 2005: Smallville FX Artists Nominated for Two VES Awards

Entity FX Garners Two VES Noms for Smallville

The Visual Effects Society has nominated Entity FX artists for two VES Awards for their effects work on Smallville, the WB hit series chronicling the adventures of the young Clark Kent. Categories nominated include Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program and Outstanding Created Environment in a Broadcast Program. Entity FX artists nominated include John Han, Terry Shigemitsu, Noriaki Matsumoto, Eli Jarra and Brian Harding.

Mat Beck, president of Entity FX and visual effects producer/supervisor for Smallville, stated, "We love working on Smallville, and it was a special treat to make Clark's alter ego fly. It's wonderful to have our work noticed again by our peers and colleagues."

Winners will be announced on February 16th at the VES Awards dinner to be held at the Hollywood Palladium. Also honored at the black tie event at the Hollywood Palladium will be Robert Zemeckis who will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from oft collaborator Tom Hanks.

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