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May 11, 2005: ABC Family “Smallville” Marathon on May 15th

A reminder to American fans that the ABC Family cable channel has scheduled a "Smallville to Superman" marathon for Sunday, May 15th.

The marathon is made up of many mythology-based episodes of "Smallville", including "Rosetta" and "Legacy", the two episodes which Christopher Reeve guest-starred in.

Following the run of 6 "Smallville" episodes, ABC Family will air "Superman: The Movie" at 8pm.

Here's the ABC Family airing schedule (check your local listings for any changes):

  • 2.00pm: "Rosetta"
  • 3.00pm: "Calling"
  • 4.00pm: "Exodus"
  • 5.00pm: "Exile"
  • 6.00pm: "Legacy"
  • 7.00pm: "Covenant"
  • 8.00pm: "Superman: The Movie"

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