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September 13, 2005: Al Gough Reveals More “Smallville” Season 5 Details

KryptonSite have conducted an interview with Al Gough in which he reveals further details about the up-coming 5th season of "Smallville" (which premieres on Thursday September 29th). Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: Can you talk a bit about the Fortress of Solitude set?

    A: It keys off the original set from the Donner movie, but again, with advances made in CGI and things, I think, you now look at when Clark throws the crystal and the fortress comes out in the movie, it's sort of quaint; it's a few sparks and some smoke and suddenly the Fortress is there. And this one is a much bigger birth to the Fortress. David Willson, our production designer, has just gone above and beyond with this one. He's done a great job on that and the Daily Planet set. So it's huge. I think you'll get a much bigger sense, too, of just how massive the Fortress is, in certain shots.

    Q: Is there a connection between the look of the set in Smallville and how it'll be in "Superman Returns?"

    A: It's one of the things that, you know, we went down to Sydney in May [Miles and myself], and met with Bryan and Mike and Dan, and we talked about the Fortress, and we both agreed that whatever sort of looks of these bigger things, whether they be the Planet or the Fortress, we should key off the original Donner movie. Which we planned to do anyway. It's not like we were going to put the Fortress in the Jungles of Peru. We had always planned that the end of high school graduation, Clark would be walking across the glacier to the Fortress. So we'd always planned to do that anyway.

    The movie has been great. We sort of keep each other abreast of what we're doing, so that there are no egregious mythology clashes.

Read the entire interview at the KryptonSite website.

NOTE: The Superman Homepage has discovered direct from Al Gough that the "Save Me" theme song will remain even though the Opening Titles are being given a new look.

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