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December 8, 2005: Erica Durance on Lois Becoming a Reporter

TV Guide Online have posted an interview with Erica Durance in which she speaks about Season 5 of "Smallville" and answers questions about Lois' journey to becoming a reporter for the Daily Planet. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: Obviously, Clark has his share of possible love interests. In your opinion, what does Lois offer that Lana or Chloe do not?

    A: We haven't actually gotten into any mudslinging or cat fights, as it were, but.... The other two girls, for the most part, so far have both had these crushes on Clark. Of course he has this "young love"/first love thing with Lana, when in comes this person who's quite sacrilegiousabout this whole idea of Clark and how wonderful he is; Lois cuts right through that. She just doesn't put up with any crap from anyone, whether it's from a good-looking farm boy or.... But there's this redeeming side to her, too, which Clark occasionally gets to see- when the chips are down, she will go in and risk her life for the people she loves. Regardless of the fact that she's a little irritating and kind of likes to take jabs at him, she does have that other side to her.

    Q: Will we ever see Lois start dabbling in news reporting? Fans are concerned that one day she will become some "insta-journalism whiz."

    A: Al and Miles [Millar] know this folklore very well, and they, of course, want to be sensitive to the people out therewho love it as well, so I think that they're trying to find a nice, subtle way of bringing that in. They don't let me know what's going on really, but I do know that there occasionally are hints of Lois helping Chloe out with that sort of thing. That said, I don't think Lois can really get into it for a little while. She's still trying to find out who she is and learning to accept who she is, and until she finds that personal grounding, she can't go out and be that balls-to-the-wall kind of gal.

Read the full interview at the TV Guide website.

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