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John Schneider and Tom Wopat

October 30, 2005: John Schneider and Tom Wopat “Smallville” Interview

Zap2It.com grabbed some time with old pals, John Schneider and Tom Wopat, who worked together as the Duke cousins on the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard". Re-teaming for an episode of "Smallville", the two friends spoke with Zap2It.com about the episode titled "Exposed" (which airs this Thursday night, November 3rd)...

    For "Dukes" fans, the episode contains a few inside jokes. "The senator's taste in cars is a bit classic, shall we say," Schneider says. "He drives a '69 Dodge Charger. Imagine that."

    But fans expecting to see a twin of the Dukes' orange Charger, the General Lee, will be disappointed.

    "It's blue," Schneider reveals.

    "It is blue?" Wopat says. "I thought it was green."

    "It's bluish-green, aqua," Schneider says. "They can't be ridiculous [and make it orange]. They wanted to nudge. They didn't want to shove."

    "We had a line today talking about Chickasaw County," Wopat says, "so there was another one."

    "And of course," Schneider adds, "the door on the passenger side of the senator's car has been broken since he got it, so he has to climb in."

    "It's not bad," Wopat says. "It's tough when they change windows, make us go out the wrong window."

    Apparently, one of the hazards of being a Duke cropped up again, forcing Schneider to take action.

    "I had to have them remove the door-lock mechanism," he says, "so that my buddy wouldn't get his back ripped open again like he did 27 years ago."

    "The door-lock thing," Wopat says, "when you take the plastic piece off of it, it's just a little spike."

    "A piece of threaded metal," Schneider says.

    "You can impale yourself pretty good on it," Wopat says.

    "I had them go in with a pair of bolt cutters," Schneider explains, "and get rid of it. They didn't want to. At first, they put a piece of black tape on it. I said, 'No, no, that's not good.'

Read the whole article at the Zap2It.com website.

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