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August 16, 2005: Jeph Loeb Talks About Leaving “Smallville”

KryptonSite have published an interview with Jeph Loeb, in which he discusses the fact that he's no longer the Supervising Producer on the TV show "Smallville". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: Is it true that you won't be returning for Season 5, and if so, will you still be involved with the show in any way? Is there any chance you might do some work on the show again?

    A: Yes, it's true I won't be back for Season 5. Al and Miles asked me to return for Season 5 -- and 6 and 7 -- (my 3 year contract had ended) and we were working something out when my son's health became quite serious. As much as I loved working on the show, I knew I had to be with Sam. A & M were very understanding... they've been big Sam supporters since all of this began. Al and Sam were particularly close -- he took the role of "Uncle Al" very seriously. He introduced Sam to his yoga instructor "Yoga Adam" who went on to be a really good friend of my son's.

    Since Sam died, the entire staff has been part of our extended family. Sam would come in every Friday before we went off drinking and then to sushi for dinner and was always part of the gang. (He drank Diet Coke's for all you Mom's out there!) There's little doubt in my mind that even at 17, he would have written an episode eventually. He was a truly gifted writer -- and a magical son.

    I have only good memories of working on the show. The people, particularly Kryptonsite's Writers of the Year Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer and my personal Favorite Writers of the Year Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, I miss terribly.

    But, I was involved in one way or another in sixty-six episodes and was lucky enough to be the writer on RED, INSURGENCE, LEGACY and UNSAFE. So, to answer your question, I never say never in terms of returning to anything. The subject matter (obviously) means a great deal to me and I adore the people.

    They still call from time to time. When they need to know who was Aquaman's seahorse -- that sort of thing. I feel like William Shatner at a Star Trek convention... (laughs)

Read the complete interview over at KryptonSite.com.

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