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December 6, 2005: Tom Welling Talks About “Smallville”

GreatLink.org have published an interview with Tom Welling, in which he discusses the 5th season, his acting future, the movies he's made, and his directorial debut. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    On the "Smallville" set, Welling has long observed such veteran actors as John Schneider and Annette O'Toole, who play Clark's parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent; and John Glover, who plays ruthless tycoon Lionel Luthor, father of future foe Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). Schneider directed a third-season "Smallville" episode, and now it's Welling's turn, as he directs an episode later in the season, possibly No. 19. "I've, at least, fooled people into thinking I've learned enough to do that," Welling says. "I had expressed interest, but it wasn't anything I demanded -- they invited me. To be invited was probably the best sign of support that they could give me." When Schneider directed, he came to set in a sport coat, to emphasize how serious he was. As the main character in the show, Welling won't have that option. "I'll look a lot like Clark," he says, "because I have to be in the episode. I'll be doing double duty, so I'll probably have a blue T-shirt and a red jacket on, and a lot of makeup. "I wanted to direct a season finale. I actually wanted the series finale, but they didn't buy that one. But who knows? I figure if everyone in the world watches my episode, then I might have a shot."

Read the entire interview at The Great Link website.

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