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December 13, 2005: Life-Size Statue to Pay Tribute to Noel Neill

The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, Metropolis Illinois, the Home of Superman, is pleased to announce the formation of "The Noel Neill Statue Committee".

The committee's sole purpose is to spearhead and oversee the construction of a life-size bronze statue of Noel Neill as "Lois Lane" to be placed next to the existing Superman statue on Superman Square in Metropolis, Illinois.

The idea is to acknowledge Noel's contributions to the Superman Celebration as the "First Lady of Metropolis" and her portrayal of Lois Lane in the Serials and the TV series of the 1950s, "The Adventures of Superman" with an honorable and permanent gesture of love from the citizens of Metropolis and from her countless fans around the world.

The concept was presented to Noel at her 85th Birthday Party recently held in North Hollywood, California.

Noel Neill Competition Opens Today!

The design for the Noel Neill as Lois Lane statue is now thrown open to Sculptors everywhere!

If you are a professional Sculptor who would like the opportunity to submit your design proposal for this fully-funded project, then you need to be aware of the following details regarding the specifications for the statue:

  • The life-size (5' 4") statue design should incorporate Noel's Lois Lane signature light suit, pillbox hat, notepad, and purse dangling from her arm.
  • A brick base for the statue to stand on should be incorporated into your design.
  • The three photos shown here are presented to aid you in your design.
  • All design submissions must be in by March 1, 2006, at which time fan voting will begin.

Noel Neill Click here to register as a participant in this competition. ONLY serious entrants need apply.

The Statue Committee will select the best submitted designs, which will then be presented on this website for all Superman fans to vote on. The design receiving the most fan votes will be selected as the winner. The Sculptor submitting the winning design will be presented with a cash prize as well as having the honor of having their design done up in bronze and life-size next to the 15 foot Superman statue for all time.

A 2 foot size scale model of the winning sculpture will be unveiled at the 2006 Superman Celebration in June 2006.

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