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AOS Season 2 DVD

October 12, 2005: “Lois & Clark” and “Adventures of Superman” Season 2 DVDs

TVShowsonDVD.com have announced that Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman season 2 will be released on January 17, the same day as the Adventures of Superman season 2.

    He catches bullets in his hand, snatches innocent citizens from the jaws of death, and zooms bombs deep into outer space. But just when you think nothing can overwhelm Superman, love brings him to his knees.

    Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher are back for the thrilling second season of new adventures. Action reigns as the Man of Steel unleashes chop-'til-you-drop martial arts moves to battle a mysterious Chi master, pits his mighty powers against the firepower of resurrected '30s mobster Al Capone, and mows down a perp walk of twisted-genius bad guys who challenge him with a lethal array of threats, theft, murder and mayhem. Super hero. Super action.

The second season saw Justin Whalin join the cast as Jimmy Olsen, and Bruce Campbell appears as Bill Church Jr. in the final few episodes. The 6 disc set sells for $59.98, and will contain all 22 episodes:

  1. Madame Ex
  2. Wall of Sound
  3. The Source
  4. The Prankster
  5. Church of Metropolis
  6. Operation Blackout
  7. That Old Gang of Mine
  8. A Bolt from the Blue
  9. Season's Greedings
  10. Metallo
  11. Chi of Steel
  12. The Eyes Have It
  13. The Phoenix
  14. Top Copy
  15. Return of the Prankster
  16. Lucky Leon
  17. Resurrection
  18. Tempus Fugitive
  19. Target: Jimmy Olsen!
  20. Individual Responsibility
  21. Whine, Whine, Whine
  22. And the Answer Is...

The second season of the Adventures of Superman will also be released on January 17.

    Sleep tight, Metropolis. No matter what trouble comes your way, a powerful hero will protect you...

    And trouble does come - big trouble: a plummeting asteroid... a terrorist targeting transit systems... deadly radiation... mad scientists... a criminal clown. But none is a match for the Man of Steel.

    George Reeves returns to put on the hero's cape (and when necessary, the customary eyewear of a mild-mannered reporter) for the steel-bending, bullet-speeding, tall-building-leaping excitement of 26 Season Two episodes. Noel Neill joins the series as Lois Lane, the Daily Planet reporter who sometimes suspects that maybe - just maybe - Clark Kent isn't who he says he is. Powerful fun!

The 5 disc set will contain all 26 episodes from the second season and will retail for $39.98. Here's a list of the episodes:

  1. Five Minutes to Doom
  2. The Big Squeeze
  3. The Man Who Could Read Minds
  4. Jet Ace
  5. Shot in the Dark
  6. The Defeat of Superman
  7. Superman in Exile
  8. Ghost for Scotland Yard
  9. The Dog Who Knew Superman
  10. The Face and the Voice
  11. The Man in the Lead Mask
  12. Panic in the Sky
  13. The Machine That Could Plot Crimes
  14. Jungle Devil
  15. My Friend Superman
  16. The Clown Who Cried
  17. The Boy Who Hated Superman
  18. Semi-Private Eye
  19. Perry White's Scoop
  20. Beware the Wrecker
  21. The Golden Vulture
  22. Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor
  23. Lady in Black
  24. Star of Fate
  25. The Whistling Bird
  26. Around the World with Superman

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