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April 19, 2005: Superheroes Unite May 18 on The WB

A Special 90-Minute "Smallville" Season Finale Event Will Feature the World Premiere of an Exclusive Eight-Minute Special Footage Preview of the Highly Anticipated Summer Film "Batman Begins"

Two DC Comics legends, Clark Kent and Batman, will unite on Wednesday, May 18 (8:00 p.m. ET) as The WB presents the world premiere of an exclusive eight-minute special footage preview of the highly anticipated theatrical release BATMAN BEGINS, which will air within the 90-minute presentation of the season finale of the network's hit drama, SMALLVILLE.

"This is a great night for fans of the two most popular superheroes in the history of American Pop Culture," said David Janollari, President of Entertainment at The WB. "Fans of SMALLVILLE will not want to miss this special extended version of what will be the series best-ever season finale. Broadcasting exclusive footage of the summer's most anticipated feature film BATMAN BEGINS, makes this a very exciting night for us and a natural fit for the fans of SMALLVILLE."

"We are thrilled to share this exclusive preview of BATMAN BEGINS with fans of SMALLVILLE," said Dawn Taubin, President of Domestic Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures. "Not only does this special event bring together two seminal American superheroes, but both SMALLVILLE and BATMAN BEGINS give fans the opportunity to delve deeper into the mythology behind their heroes. May 18 promises to reveal exciting new chapters in the history of these legends, and kick off a summer that fans will never forget."

SMALLVILLE'S 90-minute season finale is packed with murder, betrayal and an unforgettable graduation day for all.

"Superman and Batman have always been inextricably linked to each other, so it seems fitting that a show chronicling the Man of Steel's youth give you the first look at the birth of the Dark Knight," said Al Gough, executive producer SMALLVILLE. "Christopher Nolan is an incredibly talented filmmaker and we couldn't be more excited and honored to have our season finale complemented with exclusive footage from 'Batman Begins.'"

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