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August 21, 2005: James Marsters Talks “Smallville”

The E! Online website's "Watch with Kristin" has posted an interview with actor James Marsters about his up-coming appearance on "Smallville".

SPOILER WARNING: If you hadn't heard, Marsters is set to appear in Season 5 of "Smallville" as Clark's new evil nemesis, Brainiac. Here's part of the interview...

    Q: You know the fans are flipping out about you being on Smallville, right?

    A: Yeah, and holy crap! It's so cool. I mean, I'm very excited about Smallville. God, I had the best dinner with [executive producer] Al Gough, and granted, he was trying to seduce me into signing a contract with him, but I was struck with how normal he was, how down-to-earth and how much we talked about our families, and then about art. He was interesting on a number of subjects, and I think he's got a good mind. I like his brain with the Superman mythology. You know, [Smallville] is a coming-of-age drama again, like Buffy, and those are fabulous, because we're all coming of age constantly. I'm always trying to grow up, so you know, that story never gets old for anybody. "Become yourself." When are you not gonna need to hear that? And so, I love that.

    Q: You're gonna have a completely different look than we've seen on Buffy. A tan, darker hair, no British accent. Do you ever slip back into the accent?

    A: No. When I first got the role, I did all the time, but I don't, no. I'm so happy just to be brown-headed James, like, 'Oh, hi!' I hope people like my American accent.

Read the entire interview at the E! Online website.

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