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September 18, 2005: Al Gough Talks Clark, Lana & Sex

Al Gough has participated in a few more interviews regarding Season 5 of "Smallville". In one interview with MSN Spaces, he appears to totally misunderstand the question, answering the physical aspect of the question of Clark having sex, rather than the moral aspect of it (as the interviewer was obviously alluding to)...

    Q: One of the things that it says on the "Smallville" web site is that Lana and Clark are going to finally "consummate" their relationship, and I was hoping you could talk some more about that.

    A: Well, they are. (Laughs loudly and long). You'll see again that pretty early on in the season. You'll see, quite frankly at the end of the season opener and episode two the Superman loophole we use to get around that whole "Can Superman have sex?" thing.

    Q: What's the loophole you use?

    A: It's very similar to "Superman II."

    Q: How much flak did you have to go through to get approval to have Clark have a sexual relationship?

    A: Quite frankly, not that much. Once again, once we used what I call the Superman loophole and it worked naturally into the storytelling we were doing, it was quite easy. DC didn't have any issue with it.

In another interview, this time with UGO.com, Al talks about the connection between "Smallville" and "Superman Returns"...

    Q: Bryan Singer did say that he specifically talked to you and Miles Millar because he didn't want to tread on anything you guys were doing.

    A: Yeah, it's been great. We actually went down to the set in May and talked through what we were doing for Season Five. That's what we've been doing with Bryan and with the writers Dan [Harris] and Mike [Dougherty] to keep them abreast of because what we're all trying to avoid are egregious mythology clashes. Both the show and the movie exist in their own universes, but if you watch Smallville, you can go into Superman Returns and there'll be things that you'll understand better, not directly, but just because you have more of a history of Superman. Also, if you're over 25 you watched the Richard Donner movies and if you're under 25, you watched Smallville. So each one gives you kind of an introduction to Superman so that when you go into Superman Returns you have a deeper appreciation of it.

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