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August 3, 2005: “The Adventures of Superman” Back of DVD Box Details

TVShowsonDVD.com have posted an article on the back of the box details featured on the Season 1 release of "The Adventures of Superman"...

The back of The Adventures of Superman release gives us a little bit more information about the extras:

  • Retrospective Documentary Adventures of Superman: From Inkwell to Backlot featuring Jack Larson, Leonard Maltin and others
  • 1951 theatrical features Superman and the Mole Men, later to be televised as the 2-part "The Unknown People"
  • Pony Express Days: Vintage Warner Bros. historical short starring George Reeves
  • Commentary on 4 key episodes by Superman chroniclers Gary H. Grossman and Chuck Harter
  • Original Kellogg's Cereal Commercials

Here's the writeup from the back as well:

    The first superhero created for comic books, Superman leaped from radio to television when Adventures of Superman debuted in 1952. Produced by Robert J. Maxwell (who also produced the radio version) and Bernard Luber (a veteran of Hollywood serials), each First Season Episode screens like a classic crime movie, where danger and death lurk in the shadows. Working with some of the industry's best character actors, George Reeves plays the Man of Steel with a genuineness that captivates viewers of all ages. Now Enjoy this legendary series as never before, digitally mastered from original film elements, in a soaring deluxe 5-disc set with exciting extras.

"The Adventures of Superman: The Complete First Season" is available on DVD from Amazon.com.

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