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April 11, 2005: Smallville Night at Jules Verne Film Festival

Sebastien Lecocq from Supermag.org sent in this report on the recent "The Smallville Night Special" at the Jules Verne Film Festival at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris.

    The evening began with a short performance on stage by Cinjun Tate, the lead singer of Remy Zero (he sang solo with his guitar, as the band has since broken up) to put a little atmosphere in the room with two songs: "Perfect Memory" and "Save Me"...

    Soon after Frederic Dieudonne (Vice-president of the festival) and Olivier Jalabert took the stage as the masters of ceremony.

    A small video clip honoring Christopher Reeve was shown, which was applauded by all, before the creators of "Smallville" Miles Millar and Al Gough were introduced.

    There was a short video clip of Tom Welling saying hello from Vancouver, before Miles and Al began answering questions about "Smallville". Miles and Al revealed that filming was difficult during the first two years because of the fact that production taking place in Canada while pre-production is in Los Angeles, meaning that they had to call at 1:00 am in the morning to speak with their team in Canada to make sure things were going well in their absence. With Season 4 ending in soon, Al and Miles discussed how the series is above all a project requiring team work and that everyone is essential in the success of the series.

    After giving some anecdotes on the myth of Superman and the genesis of the series, the ceremony broke for a quick spotlight interview with Kristin Kreuk who plays Lana Lang.

    Soon after Alison Mack appeared in person!

    She was radiant, and toyed with the public and her two producers. She talked about how she meets with the producers at the beginning of every year to see how she would like to develop her character. She commented on how she (Alison) has a lot in common with her character, Chloe, and how she put a lot of her own personality into the character.

    She revealed that in future episodes of "Smallville" Chloe would be heading to Metropolis to look for her mother.

    The crowd errupted in wild applause when Erica Durance (who plays Lois Lane) came to the stage.

    Erica revealed that this was her first visit to Paris. She said she realized the enormity of her role when, on the first day of shooting, she saw her name next to "Lois Lane" on the chair being reserved for her on set.

    Al and Miles revealed a very interesting tidbit... They had auditioned Kate Bosworth at the beginning of the initial castings for the role of Lana Lang, but in the end they had decided to go with Kristin Kreuk.

    A great film clip was shown, with Allison on the Kent Farm set, with a nice "Bonjour" from the French director Jeannot Szwarc, before starting the actual awards ceremony.

    Al and Miles, in one final question stated, "never say never" on the possibility of one day seeing Tom wearing the Superman costume, and then the awards ceremony began. Jean-Jules Verne (great-grandson of Jules Verne) handed out the awards.

    The evening ended with the showing of the episode "Run" in French and "Transference" in English.

    Overall, a great night in Paris to remembered!

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