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JLU: Joining Forces

August 7, 2005: Details on “JLU: Joining Forces” DVD

JLU: Joining Forces TVShowsonDVD.com have discovered the details behind the next DVD release for "Justice League Unlimite". Titled "Joining Forces", the DVD collects together 3 episodes and 3 extra bonus items...

    It's a party they'll never forget in "For the Man Who Has Everything", when Mongul surprises Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman at the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday. Then, more than a dozen leaguers take on the mighty android Amazo, seeking revenge against Lex Luthor in "The Return", and the shocking episode ending poses more questions about the League's future! Finally, "The Greatest Story Never Told" features Booster Gold, a glory-hunting hero from the future who finally gets into the action and saves the day...but he's the only one who knows it! Join the fight for justice with JLU!

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  • Voices of Justice: Super Voice Lessons from the Professionals
  • Justice League Superhero Challenge

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