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March 30, 2005: Alan Burnett Talks “Krypto The Superdog”

Newsarama have interviewed Alan Burnett, one of the Supervising Editors on "Krypto The Superdog" animated series, which airs on Cartoon Network. A 20+ year veteran of animation, Burnett has been invovled with the animated versions of DC's heroes for nearly his entire career, starting as a writer on Superfriends and Super Powers in the '80s, as well as the animated versions of Batman, Superman, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, and more in the '90s and past 2000. Here's part of what Alan had to say...

    "Cartoon Network was looking for a property to introduce to the younger set to kind of get them into superheroes," Burnett said. "Krypto was pretty much the logical choice. If you look back at the Silver Age comics, the Krypto stories were kind of the tag-ons to the Superman/Superboy legend that were there to spark the interest in the other characters. That's not saying that they were throwaway stories, but they were kind of for a younger set, even back then."

    When the property came into Cartoon Network, it underwent an evolution from its first conception, according to Burnett. "At first it was Krypto and the Super Pets, where they would take a lot of the pets from other DC characters. It moved through a couple of different designers as well, and by the time it came to me, stylistically, I'm into the older Hanna-Barbera stuff like Atom Ant, Secret Squirrel, Frankenstein Jr. and the others. That was the stuff that really got me wanting to draw when I was a kid, and made me want to get into the business, so when I draw, that's kind of the style I gravitate towards.

    "They kind of wanted a different look than what was out there, so I gave it a go in my style. It wasn't necessarily 'different,' but rather it was something that people really hadn't seen in thirty years or so. Even though it's had a resurgence in reruns, that Hanna-Barbera look is still a style that's relatively rarely seen these days. For this generation, that's grown up on Rugrats and Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab and things like that, Krypto's style has a very familiar feel, and people like it - they can't put their finger on why it's familiar, but it's somehow familiar."

Read the entire interview at the Newsarama website.

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