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March 11, 2005: “Justice League Unlimited” Season 2 Episodes Revealed

Cartoon Network have released episode titles and log-lines for the remainder of Season 2 "Justice League Unlimited" episodes.

Episode #14 - The Cat and the Canary
February 5th 2005
Black Canary convinces Green Arrow to help save her mentor, the Wildcat, from his involvement in an underground, super-powered fight club.

Episode #15 - The Ties That Bind
February 12th 2005
The world's greatest escape artist needs help from the Flash in order to break a deadly enemy out of an inescapable prison on an alien planet.

Episode #16 - Doomsday Sanction
February 19th 2005
While Superman battles Doomsday in the heart of a Volcano, Batman discovers an elaborate conspiracy to destroy the Justice League.

Episode #17 - Task Force X
Five incarcerated super villains are offered suspended sentences if they can survive an impossible mission: steal a deadly weapon from the Justice League's satellite headquarters.

Episode #18 - The Balance
Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must put aside their feud and go to the depths of Tartarus when the evil sorcerer Felix Faust establishes dominion over Hades.

Episode #19 - Double Date
Green Arrow and Black Canary race to stop The Question and Huntress from killing organized crime lord, Tobias Whale.

Episode #20 - Clash
The world's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel, joins the Justice League but even his power may not be enough to foil Lex Luthor's latest plot.

Episode #21 - Mystery in Space
Responding to a deep space distress call, Shayera leads her reluctant teammates Vigilante and Vixen into a deadly trap.

Episode #22 - Question Authority
The Question discovers a secret that threatens to shake the very foundations of the Justice League.

Episode #23 - Flashpoint
To avenge a fallen comrade, Superman declares war on Cadmus.

Episode #24 - Panic in the Sky
With the founding members out of action, the remaining 50 heroes fight to survive Cadmus' ultimate attack on the Justice League.

Episode #25 - Divided we Fall
When most of the Justice League is incapacitated, who will be left to stand against the League deadliest enemies?

Episode #26 - Epilogue
50 years in the future, the history of the Justice League is the key to Batman's darkest secret -and his final destiny.

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