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August 30, 2005: Smallville Season 5 is NOT the End

The Canadian cable/satellite channel "Space" has been advertising the up-coming 5th season of "Smallville" as the final season. This has caused quite a stir amongst fans all over the internet.

The Superman Homepage contacted "Smallville" co-creator Al Gough to ask him what the truth of the matter is. Here's what Al had to say...

Season 5 is not the end, in fact in many ways it is just the beginning of Clark's journey to becoming Superman. Miles [Miller], myself, the writers and producers feel that this is going to be our best season yet. This is the season that you all have been waiting for and there will be others to follow. All of the actors have contracts through season 7. But the best way to ensure that there will be more seasons is to WATCH THE SHOW, especially in the U.S., on our new night THURSDAYS @ 8PM starting SEPTEMBER 29th.

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