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February 6, 2005: Krypto Animated Series Hits Latin America

Not scheduled to air in the U.S. until April 1st, "Krypto" the new kids animated series had its debut on Cartoon Network in Latin America on Saturday February 5th at 9am.

The Cartoon Network Latin America repeated the pilot episode, titled "Krypto's Scrypto", at 10.30am on Sunday February 6th, but unfortunately we only just learned about this, so we apologize to Superman fans in Latin America for not alerting you earlier.

Here's a description from Superman fan Mike Sacal who watched the pilot episode of the "Krypto" animated series:

    The intro shows Ace the Bat-hound with a mask and a Bat symbol on his chest.

    The toon takes place in the same universe/continuity as "Superman: The Animated Series" (the interior of Krypto's ship is decorated with drawings that show him with toddler Kal-El from the first episode of S:TAS).

    All animals in the cartoon can talk but humans can't understand them, unless they use a universal translator that Krypto has inside his S shield.

    Streaky the cat belongs to Kevin's neighbor Andrea (Kevin being the kid Krypto befriends). Andrea is like a stuck-up version of Elmyra from Tiny Toons. Streaky is the only animal who didn't speak in this episode.

    Krypto is his secret identity while Superdog is his public one (the cape makes the difference). The only one who figures out that Krypto and Superdog are the same one is Kevin's little sister.

    Superman makes a cameo apperance in the end and agrees to let Krypto stay with Kevin.

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