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September 7, 2005: Al Gough Talks about “Smallville” Season 5

Now Playing magazine caught up with Al Gough to ask him about the up-coming 5th season of "Smallville" and what fans can expect. Here's an excerpt from the interview, where Al begins by talking about the Fortress of Solitude...

    "We are definitely keying off the [look] of the movies. Obviously, from the last scene of [last year's] finale, when Clark threw the crystal, the Fortress of Solitude is going to play a part in season five," he says, while also pointing out that a standing set has been built for the Fortress, which will be seen on a regular basis from now on - a fact which begs the question of how the non-flying Clark will get to the North Pole from Kansas each week. "You have the cave, which acts in the finale as a sort of stargate to get him there. And he's also got super-speed if he ever wants to stretch his legs!"

    The Fortress will serve an overarching story purpose for Clark in addition to being a cool set to shoot on, though.

    "I think you'll see from how it works [that] it doesn't have quite the point and click technology of the movie," Gough laughs. "There's a little more to it than that. It'll obviously open revelations to him about his heritage and sort of his destiny, but in a way that isn't just, 'Put in the crystal and get a download.' Rip a crystal - the poetry crystal!"

    Another major change this season is that the kids will now be going to college, which means more stories set in the big city of Metropolis - the place where Superman will eventually make his home.

    "Chloe is going to Met U, and we'll be drawing Clark into more of those stories," says Gough. "We'll see more of the Daily Planet. And then the big question is who or what the hell is in that spaceship [from the finale last year]? But you'll see that the breadth of storytelling that we can do will expand, as Clark is sort of taking on his mantle more and becomes Superman in training. And we've got a lot of fun guest stars lined up and a lot of cool mythology stuff planned as well."

Read the complete interview at the Now Playing Magazine website.

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