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Resin Chris Reeve Bust

January 5, 2005: Cult TV Expo Presents Superhero Celebration

Location: Hillside Holiday Inn - Chicago Area
Date: February 4-6, 2005.
Website: http://www.dg-promotions.org/chicago.htm

Guests: Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas and Jack O'Halloran.

The Cult TV Expo is having a Superhero Celebration. The show will contain a museum quality display of Life-size Statues and Busts of Superhero and Comic Characters. There will also be an Exclusive Life-size Statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman unveiled for the first time anywhere on Saturday Morning (Feb 5th).

During the course of the show there will be drawings for various door prizes including other special Prizes donated by Dullam/Causey as well.

There will also be one special door prize drawing only for convention attendees and dealers staying at the host hotel. One entry allowed per room per night. To enter this drawing please present your hotel receipt or confirmation number when you pick up or purchase your tickets.

As a Special Door prize the Expo organizers will be giving away one Limited Edition Busts of Christopher Reeve (pictured) each day of the convention - 1 entry per admission.

This wonderful prize has been donated by Dullam/Causey, the makers of the Expo's exclusive Christopher Reeve Tribute Statue.

These busts will be limited to a total of 5, with each one signed and numbered by the Sculptors.

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