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March 2, 2005: Tom Welling on the Future of “Smallville”

Sci-Fi Pulse have published excerpts from a Dreamwatch magazine interview with Tom Welling. Here's part of what Tom had to say...

    In regards to events which are likely to unfold in some of the later episodes Welling is unsure as to what he can reveal at this point. He does give a small bit of insight as to what is happening to one of the relationships that has been an integral part of the show for some time.

    "I'll tell you now that Lana won't be such a big part of Clarks life. The character of Alicia Baker [introduced in the episode "Obsession"] returned for two episodes this season and Clark moved further away from Lana and closer to Alicia. You're going to continue to see the push and pull in the relationship between Clark and Lex. Aside from that, I honestly can't tell you what the producers have planned for late season episodes."

    As many fans will be aware season three of Smallville saw the departure of (Sam Jones III) who portrayed Clark 's best friend Pete. This departure opened the door for some new characters to come into the Smallville series, and the new Lois Lane played very effectively by new comer Erica Durance stepped into the role and won viewers respect almost as quickly as she did the cast and crew of the show. Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to point out how much he enjoys the onset chemistry between his character of Clark and Erica [Durance] as Lois Lane.

    "What I particularly enjoy about her character is the side of Clark that she brings out. I love the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor that we're able to portray in that relationship, and haven't been able to in the past because of the heavy, dramatic situations that Clark often found himself in with the other characters."

Read more at the Sci-Fi Pulse website, and yet even more in the up-coming Dreamwatch magazine.

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