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October 15, 2005: A Profile of Erica Durance

Silver Bullet Comics has published an interview/profile of Erica Durance, the actress who plays Lois Lane on "Smallville". Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Bringing [a] level of physicality to the performance is something Durance hopes contributes not just to continuing the empowerment of Lois Lane, but also to the list of strong female roles in general. "I think society has changed quite a bit. You see a lot more women being more physical in their roles - you've got Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, and Charlize Theron is coming out with Aeon Flux where she's kicking butt. So I get to bring that in, actually do the physical stuff and show Lois as even that much more independent."

    Thus far, Lois is the role that's stayed with her the longest. Last year's surprise was that the number of Lois Lane appearances was bumped from four eps to thirteen. This year, it's advanced another step further, with Durance featured in the opening credits. The hope of many a fan is that for as long as the show runs, she'll be there to stay.

    And Durance would love to be there to stay. She admits that her growth with the character is still in progress; yet to be attained is the comfort where the role feels like a second skin. "I think I'll always be slightly neurotic about it," she muses. "I'll always be nervous. I'm not absolutely anywhere where I wanna be as far as what's happening when I do when I'm doing, you know what I mean? I'd say I'm just starting to be more comfortable; I'm trying to be just more forgiving of myself. There are times where you have to go 'Well, I didn't get to do it like that. But what am I doing now?' Not lingering on what you should've done, that's something I'm getting much better at. You can't have fun if you're criticizing yourself all the time."

Read the entire article at the Silver Bullet Comics website, where they also have another profile piece on comics artist Frank Quietly.

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